A member of the audience is called to assist with this trick. Hand the assistant this wooden hook item that resembles a musical note and ask them to try to make the hook balance on the end of their finger.

After several failed attempts the magician next hands the assistant a leather belt to which he proceeds to attach three different name plaques thereby causing the belt to become quite heavy. The magician next attaches the weighted belt with the name plaques to the wooden hook using a paper binder clip. After securing the belt to the wooden hook the magician asks the assistant to hold out their finger and once again attempt to balance it, only now the wooden hook has the added weight of the belt and name plaques. The magician places the hook & belt on the end of the assistantís finger and letís goes.

The hook & belt remains suspended and balanced on the assistantís finger. Magician waves his hands above and below the trick to show that there are no wires or threads involved and asks the assistant to turn from side to side to show all angles.

This trick is truly startling and I always hear the audience gasp when I perform it. It is entirely self-contained, self-working, and can be instantly reset. It is suitable for stage, parlor or close up and can be worked right out of the box even while surrounded. The nameplates come with clear Plexiglas fronts that allow you to change the inserts for your own specific routine and patter. With the use of your home computer and printer you can create a wide variety of different inserts to make this trick work for just about every type of audience including; schools, churches, sport groups, banquets, businesses, youth groups, adults, and senior citizen shows. The trick comes with inserts and patter to perform a 'gospel' and 'successful business organization' routine.

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